How much are you prioritising your legacy? What experience do you want your loved ones to have after you’re gone? This is about how we LIVE. Now:

I have been supporting this team for a while, and decided to invest and join their board (part time for now). It is currently in an invite-only, VIP Crowdcube round

This is private for now and limited to a few select investors and contacts who have the chance to get involved early, before it goes public. We're raising £250k (to a max of £600k) at a pre-money valuation of £1.8m. We have SEIS/EIS advance assurance. Once we hit the max we will close the round. Now is the best time to get involved if this resonates.

Most people prefer to start with the video for a solid overview of what we're doing and why it matters.

A pitch deck, for those with time to read it, is available here.

As a quick reminder, Grace is a beautiful and simple assistant that gently helps you create a meaningful legacy for the people who matter to you, so that more of your personality can remain and be passed down for generations to come.

Existing post-life planning solutions are all about death and legal documentation. As it happens, we will be partnering with many of them, as ours is a complimentary service (rather than competitive).

Our exec team is superb and incredibly experienced, I’ve known some of them for a decade or more, others impressed me in seconds. It was an honour to be asked to help them. If you'd like to discuss this further, please let me know. We would be honoured to have you involved.