Cautious Recovery

laying the foundations for growth

As we carefully re-engage with face to face business in the era of pandemic overshoot, many clients have reported feeling that there business skills are a little rusty. Expected, in the circumstances.

While we like giving quick advice, for some clients it is more a matter of a refresher course than a quick answer, and we recommend your local LEP as a source of help.

One such source for those between Oxford and Cambridge is linked here:

Its free, its well run, and previous courses have good feedback. Obviously, we point out that there is no obligation to sign Grant Thornton as their paid business advisor, but we are impressed that they have the resources to lay this on at scale.


  1. business review

  2. people and processes

  3. accounts and pricing

  4. branding

  5. marketing

  6. sales

  7. digital

This could be a good place to start for SME owners who need a brush up after a long time working in isolation.